We recommend using the 2.75 CONSERVACAP™ on most toilet conversion and the 2.5 CONSERVACAP™ on most urinal renovations. On an average, this type of change out should reduce water consumption by approximately 1 gallon per flush with the toilets and 1/2 gallon per flush with the urinals. The 2.75 CONSERVACAP™ may be used on some urinal change outs where approximately 1/4 gallon more water may be required. However, with very few exceptions, we do not recommend that the 2.5 CONSERVACAP™ be used on most toilet fixtures.

Those few exceptions, where our engineering staff has found the 2.5 CONSERVACAP™ to provide effective performance on toilets have occurred with “blow-out” type fixtures (where the incoming water is brought at great force into the bowl from holes located on the front side of the fixture). A few other types of fixtures, such as the American Standard Aft-wall can also flush extremely well using just 2.5 gallons of water. Because functionality is the most important requirement of any water renovation, we recommend when in doubt, use the 2.75 CONSERVACAP™.

We also recommend including new toilet or urinal kits when installing the CONSERVACAP™. The CONSERVACAP™ should always reduce consumption because the diaphragm and the pressure cap wear to fit each other over years of use, the maximum savings performance is best achieved by starting out with all new components.